There’s another reason to head back to the YSL museum in Marrakech

It’s one of my favourite places to retreat to in Marrakech. A wander through the permanent collection at the musée Yves Saint Laurent marrakech immediately puts me in a good mood. It may be the fond memories I have of the press preview when I covered the opening of the YSL museum in Marrakech for Brownbook. Or the private advanced tour with the museum’s director and peeking in to the curiosity cabinet before the glass was even installed. But really, I think it’s just the pure elegance and ambiance that Christophe Martin achieved as the scenographer of the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Morocco. The mix of audio interviews, video clips from past fashion shows and the stunning collection of haute-couture garments on display make this one of my happy places in town.

And now there’s another reason to head back to mYSLm. And it’s to view a new collection of garments (from over 5000 samples within the foundation’s collection) are on display. Expect dreamy evening gowns, a new display of hand-stitched jackets with the finest details and more items from the black collection.

Over lunch with an insider I learned about garment conservation, dust and bacteria, and hence the collection in the permanent exhibition space has changed.

So farewell for now to the watered silk taffeta dress and other pieces from the An Invitation to the Ball collection (my favourite section) and the insanely gorgeous The Irises jacket paying homage to Vincent van Gogh. Staying put though are classics including the Bambara dress, the safari jacket and the silk cape with bougainvillea flowers and beads. And the curiosity cabinet remains the same, because really, several visits later it’s possible to discover items missed on previous glances.

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Open daily except Wednesday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
100 dhs per person

Top tip: purchase your ticket for both the fashion museum and the Majorelle Gardens at the mYSLm and avoid the lineup when you wander down to the garden.

Photos provided by the musée Yves Saint Laurent marrakech.

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