You’ll want to hear about this trek along Morocco’s Draa River on episode 018 of Why Morocco

Ramadan is in full swing here in Marrakech and I have to say, I have more energy than I expected despite the fact that temperatures this week are surpassing in the +40’C mark. I will say though, I don’t think I have as much energy as this week’s Why Morocco guest.

Alice Morrison describes herself as an adventurer and she has just completed an 81-day trek along the Draa River in Morocco’s south. But if you’ve been to the region, you’ll understand how the beauty of the palm groves, adobe houses, and kasbahs that dot the landscape alongside the flowing Draa River would make the walk an absolute pleasure.

(On holiday in the south with my sister in 2016, I decided I wanted to own a house there. Just a little house. With lots of charm and character. In a palm grove. Overlooking the Draa River and rugged landscapes. I went back in January 2019 to scope things out, but that idea is on hold. For now.)

Accompanied by a team of guides, Alice witnessed the effects of climate change and learned about nomadic life and how to spot a well in the desert. But what really fascinated me about her adventure was her discovery of a former village while sat atop a sand dune one evening. I can’t help but wonder if she has a desire to become an anthropologist given her passions.

She tells us more about this in the podcast so let’s listen in to hear about her adventures.

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One thought on “You’ll want to hear about this trek along Morocco’s Draa River on episode 018 of Why Morocco

  1. So interesting. !!! Inspiring.
    Ill be in morocco in september. Cant wait.
    Thanks so much
    Paula Nurnberger

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