Why you should visit Morocco during Ramadan on episode 017 of Why Morocco

As we’re gearing up for Ramadan in a few days, I sat down with Assim, one of my valued Tasting Marrakech guides, to chat about travelling to Morocco during the holy month on the latest episode of Why Morocco.

Many people tell me that they postponed their trip if it coincides with Ramadan, or that they cancelled it because they heard it wasn’t a good time to visit. Well, Ramadan is a simply special time to visit the kingdom. Sure your schedule may be interrupted slightly in certain areas, trekking in the mountains may start a bit earlier, or driving between places like Marrakech and the Sahara Desert may require an additional night or two given the distances between the destinations. But in a city like Marrakech it’s the perfect opportunity to gain a unique insight in to an already welcoming and hospitable culture.

Two years ago I started fasting. I also switched up our evening Tasting Marrakech tours to provide guests with an opportunity to break fast in the square and enjoy the special Ramadan nights’ ambiance. We not only shared ftour together, but answered questions about the religion and culture in general.

And so after a very busy few months, I’m looking forward to slowing down. In fact, last year someone told me that Ramadan is a gift from God. Hailing from a capitalist society, it truly does feel like a gift to be able to take time to slow down, reflect and refocus, which is exactly what I’ll be doing. But I’ll also be working too, albeit a reduced working day. So if you want to discuss a collaboration or partnership, please feel free to get in touch.

So listen in as Assim and I chat travelling in Morocco and what to expect during the month of Ramadan.



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