Planning a summer vacation in Morocco on episode 019 of Why Morocco

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously in summer vacation mode here in Marrakech. With just a week to go before I head to Canada for lake life and time with family and friends (and having just returned from travelling in Israel and Palestine for 10 days), I can feel my pace slowing down as we move into summer mode.

And so given the popularity of my first ever Why Morocco podcast episode, I invited Cris Martinus from Sun Trails boutique travel agency to stop by the studio again and chat planning a summer holiday in Morocco. While the temperatures in Morocco climb in the summer months, it’s not all heat waves and uncomfortable city breaks.

In fact, the end of Ramadan marks the start of festival season with the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music kicking off this week, Mawazine in Rabat as well, and the famous Gnaoua festival in Essaouira in the coming weeks. But Cris also tells listeners about secret beaches he has discovered on his summer road trips where the dunes meet the ocean. We discuss how to glide through the Sahara Desert in style and comfort. And escaping to the mountains for trekking.

In fact our chat left me longing for laid-back, summer days in Morocco. I’m always here in August when a special vibe takes over – Moroccans residing abroad return for summer holidays, endless bank holidays create a festive ambiance throughout the country, lazy rosé fuelled lunches become the norm, and spontaneous coastal breaks happen.

So listen in as Cris and I chat about planning a summer vacation in Morocco. If you leave feeling inspired to visit, get in touch with Cris to start planning your private Morocco tour.


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