All in a day’s work

They say that opportunity knocks.  That good things come to those who wait.

That may be.  But I also think that good things, opportunities and challenges come to those who actively seek new opportunities.  Open themselves up.  Put themselves out there.

Having recently reevaluated where I’m at, where I want to go and what I want to do, I’m absolutely delighted with my recent career move!

From my dimly-lit office in the old Marrakech medina, I manage a collection of four riads.

Where I share my love of Marrakech with interesting guests. Often they are so fun I’m sad to see them leave!

And work with an amazingly hard-working team.

The cherry on top for the girl who can’t cook…I get to eat delicious tajines under the shade of the orange trees on the patio on a regular basis.

But also the lovely sound of the call to prayer that fills my office four of the five times per day (anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t really move that fast until I’ve had at least one coffee.  All that to say, I’m not there for the first call to prayer at sunrise).

And the hundreds of little birds that flock to the orange trees on the patio in the afternoon filling the riad with birdsongs.

And the view isn’t so bad either…

overlooking the Marrakech medina from a rooftop terrace Copyright Mandy Sinclair
Overlooking the Marrakech medina from the rooftop terrace Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Yep, I feel like I’m in heaven.

Come visit!

One thought on “All in a day’s work

  1. Sounds awesome Mandy and are you joining in on the prayers? Too bad there are so many satellite dishes spoiling the beautiful view! I’m curious, after your reevaluation; what are your long term plans? I agree.. seek out opportunities; don’t wait for them to come knocking on your door!! xoxo

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