This musician is bringing Moroccan Tapes to the world and you are going to want to tune it!

If, like me, your routine has shifted in the last couple of weeks and you’re now settling in, but looking for something to listen to, I’ve got just the thing. My emotions are on a rollercoaster at the moment and music is helping me get through it. On my latest Why Morocco podcast I chatted with Grammy-nominated artist Amino Belyamani about his latest initiative – Moroccan Tapes.

Casablanca-raised Amino brings his collection of cassette tapes of various musical genres from across Morocco to the world via the website I feel like tapes are one of the musical formats that haven’t travelled across the globe like vinyls have, although I think they may be making a comeback. And so, the tapes are typically only available for purchase in Morocco and in regions from where the musicians hail as Amino tells listeners during our interview.

Listen is as Amino talks about Moroccan Tapes and his plans for the site, what he thinks listeners should be listening to when it comes to the tapes already available and Moroccan music in general.

To listen or learn more about Moroccan Tapes, visit:

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