Richard Hamilton talks about writing Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones

I’m back after a summer podcasting break, and while it wasn’t a true break as I was working on growth strategy, uploading the podcast to Spotify, preparing the fall lineup and interviews, I had the chance to read some of the great books I’d been sent in advance of some interviews I’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

One absolutely delightful page-turner was Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones by Richard Hamilton, a book I read on a beach in Ontario in between lake dips. The captivating stories transported me to the legendary North African town on the edge of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts while the crash of the waves reminded me that I was still on a beach on Lake Huron. Hamilton dedicated a chapter each to some of the famous, and some forgotten, folks who’ve passed through this mythical town and the legend they’ve left behind. But he also refers to the iconic cafes and hotels as he goes in search of the interviews needed to complete the compilation released in July 2019. And if you’ve been to Tangier, you can imagine being in his footsteps.

But what I loved most about this book is that Richard truly highlighted the city’s storied past and innovation that emerged during its heyday as an international zone – Bryan Jones recording the Master Musicians of Jajouka and the musicians on Jemaa el Fna during the sixties with the intention of mixing it with soul music. Brion Gysin with his cut-up technique that artists today still accredit to him. And the cafes where these artists would meet that truly are unassuming, having been there myself, but in other cities such as Barcelona, New York or Paris would be hot spots on the tourist trail!

Having been to Tangier a couple of times, the book left me inspired to return. But Richard and I agree in the podcast that you cannot do the city justice during a one-day visit, particularly given the storied past which he reveals in Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones.

Listen in as Richard and I chat about his latest work or purchase your copy of Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones online or at your favourite bookstore.

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