Life in Marrakech, summer lovin’ edition

Summertime has come to an end. With cooler temperatures, the return of clients and high season just around the corner, the days of lazy morning coffees, afternoon naps and coastal escapes are over.

After a busy spring with lots of travel, PR and event work, I needed a summer of relaxation.

So I headed over to  Canada where I spent four weeks enjoying summer with family and close friends. I arrived exhausted and I think I slept for a week upon arrival. Refreshed and rested, I was ready to take care of my six- and nine-year-old nephews. Watching them perform at their school plays, baseball games, taking them out for the day, movies and just enjoying the simple moments at home while the six-year-old expressed his on-going concern with me “getting a boyfriend” filled our days, that’s what family time is all about isn’t it?

I wasn’t there long and I was off to spend a week with a dear friend who lives between Mexico and Canada. A week of laughs, chatting about boys and eating delicious food while enjoying the gorgeous views were just what I needed before I whisked back to Morocco.

You see, I typically spend the summer abroad, but a very wise friend recently told me the more you give to Morocco, the more you get. Well I have certainly been getting a lot lately so I decided to engage in the Ramadan traditions and spent a week meeting friends and friendly locals for ftour, enjoying the all- / late-night calls to prayer and celebrating Eid with those less fortunate. It made for a very pleasant Ramadan indeed.

Then it was like Morocco went on to vacation mode as locals and Moroccans living abroad flocked to Marrakech and the coast and expats fled the heat. So I hit vacation mode as well, reducing my daily hours to work smarter not harder.

One of the great things about living abroad is the friends who come to visit, especially when you only really knew them as colleagues. Back in the day I was on the board of directors at a women’s shelter and spoke publicly about violence against women, and was fortunate enough to meet this beautiful soul. She was the perfect guest – interested in the local culture, gave back to those in need, and searched out authentic experiences.

Drinks with Glenda

And what a roaring laugh we had as we escaped the heat of Marrakech and headed to Essaouira. The laughs and (mis)adventures then lasted throughout the month and included return trips to Essaouira, Rabat, Atlas Mountains, poolside days in the Palmeraie and additional visitors.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair




Copyright Mandy Sinclair

One of the sad things about living abroad is the friends who leave. A certain gal I love and laugh with has announced her departure as has another friend who shares a love of music, culture and travel. You see, here in Marrakech there are only a select few who stick around long term. Most people only last a year or two. I’m about to celebrate my fifth year here, but I’m one of the self-confessed weirdoes of Marrakech.

So as August comes to an end, only a few documents remain for my Moroccan residency application. I’m writing about tribal fashion and dance for a Middle East publication and decor/design in Marrakech for a European publication. The private Tasting Marrakech food and cultural tours I started last year are almost at capacity for the coming month so we are looking forward to meeting great new friends in Jemaa el Fna and sharing our top dining tips before exploring the entertainment. Event season is upon us so I’ll be working artist relations this weekend and guest relations at various events over the coming weeks.

And before I know it summer of 2015 and its summer loves will be but a memory.

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