My wish for 2014

After spending much of 2013 helping others realize their goals and neglecting myself on various levels, I’ve decided 2014 is about me.  My six weeks in Turkey provided me with time to reflect on my past and make sound decisions for my future.

So with that, I’m making a conscious effort to take care of me.  From the little things….

Cooking for myself. Wholesome, real food.  Proper lunches and dinners made from fresh fruits and vegetables from the local vegetable stall.

Yoga on my rooftop terrace under the moon light.

And even buying flowers once a week to brighten up my little medina house.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair
Copyright Mandy Sinclair

…which will hopefully allow for bigger things to happen! For me. But more details about that will follow soon *fingers crossed*

Here’s hoping you have time for you this weekend. Time to reflect. Relax. And dream a little!

Happy Saturday from Marrakech.

xo Mandy

4 thoughts on “My wish for 2014

  1. I love reading about Morocco… I’ve been there 3 times in the last two years… been to Marrakech, Casablanca, Jadida, Rabat, Settat…. and some smaller villages… I love it there… and the family I visit are very wonderul people….. I would love to travel around and see more of the country.. especially the Desert…

  2. I can so relate to what you are saying. I need to make the effort to take care of myself as no one else will or can do that for me. Love the Boucherouite carpet bw.
    PS: Long time reader, first time commenting !

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