Ah September

Whereas I used to dread September (I was a public employee in a university), I now love it.

Cooler temperatures are on the way.  The months of +45’C temperatures are coming to an end.  And that means that it’s once again possible to  walk and be productive rather than a sloth in front of the air-conditioner.  Though sadly the end of afternoons by the pool, beers on the patio, lounging by the ocean or lake (depending on whether I was in Canada or Morocco) are coming to an end.

Because with the cooler temperatures, comes the return of tourists.  And that means back to reality. You see, September and the autumn months are ideal for visiting Marrakech and Morocco in general.  With comfortable evening and daytime temperatures, it’s the perfect time to explore the sites and sounds of Marrakech.  And head out in to the surrounding countryside for some spectacular views.  And it’s still warm enough to enjoy to the coast plus the surfing is great.  Or even a night in the desert.

But it also means the return of expats.  And that means a return to awesome events.  Like TEDx Marrakesh, organized this year on 21 September.  One of my favourite events in Marrakech, year after year the event organizers bring together an amazing lineup of speakers including architects, film makers, artists and social activists.  Find out more at: http://www.tedxmarrakesh.net.

However, after an incredibly awesome summer  (I’ve been referring to it as Summer of Awesome), I can’t help but think that heading back to a routine is going to be hard.  Wish me luck!

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