I’ve got Marrakech on my toes

Nothing says summer like toe-baring summer sandals.  I like my heels high.  And my nails painted.  Bright.

Typically with OPI nail polish.  (I’m not one to cheat, having learned my lesson after buying MAC polish.)

But the Morocco collection from Herome is irresistible.  Like perfect.  After the first stroke of the brush, it was love at first sight.

So I’ve got Marrakech on my toes. (Please excuse the chipped toe-nail. That’s what happens when you speed through the old Marrakech medina on the back of a scooter at 1:30 a.m. in heels.)

Marrakech on my toes
Marrakech on my toes, thanks to Herome's Morocco collection

And Tanger on my fingers!  It matches my new handbag perfectly!

My nails match my new purse.
My nails match my new purse thanks to the Moroccan colour collection from Herome.

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