Why Morocco 026 – Imad Dahmani on modernist architecture in Casablanca

Why Morocco 026 – Imad Dahmani on modernist architecture in Casablanca

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For this week’s episode I met with architect Imad Dahmani in Casablanca for an architecture tour of some of the modernist buildings throughout the city. Imad works in Casablanca and also the president of the MAMMA Group, an organization that aims to protect modern architecture in Morocco. You may remember that I interviewed Lahbib El Moumni, also from the MAMMA Group, on episode seven of Why Morocco about brutalist architecture. Well now, the organization is gearing up to launch the Modern Casablanca Map with fifty residential, commercial, government spaces throughout the city included. Each Modern Casablanca Map comes with a little booklet with more details about the building, some of which are open to the public and others that can be viewed only from the exterior. The map will be available throughout Casablanca following the launch on the 8 November 2019 for self-guided architecture tours of Casablanca.

Listen in as Imad talks about exploring beyond the art deco downtown to find the modernist gems throughout the Casablanca.

Find out more about MAMMA Group at: https://mammagroup.org/.

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