Why Morocco 007 – Lahbib El Moumni on brutalist architecture in Morocco

Why Morocco 007 – Lahbib El Moumni on brutalist architecture in Morocco

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For the seventh episode of Why Morocco, I reached Casablanca-based architect Lahbib El Moumni by telephone from my studio in Marrakech. I met Lahbib through CasaMemoire, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and safe-guarding 20th century architecture in Casablanca, when I was writing about the need for architectural conservation in Casablanca’s downtown core for The Independent. You see, Lahbib’s not just an architect, he’s also passionate about architectural conservation and public education.

We kept in touch and, recently, Lahbib and Imad Dahmani co-founded Mémoire des Architectes Modernes Marocains (MAMMA), an association dedicated highlighting the architectural and urban heritage of Morocco from the second half of the 20th century. Think brutalist, a style I’m learning to love.

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