This restaurant is reason enough to stop in Casablanca on episode 25 of Why Morocco

For the latest episode of Why Morocco podcast I travelled to Casablanca to meet Justina Tulloch, the Aussie partner and one half of the duo behind Bondi Coffee Kitchen (where I spent most of my time while in town).

I’m going to let you in on a little-known secret. For years I was terrified of Casablanca and refused to go unaccompanied, walking around the art-deco downtown core was out of the questions (despite my love of architecture). But when this restaurant opened in 2015 I knew I needed not only a flat white, but to give the city a second chance. So I finally returned and Bondi was definitely on my must-visit list (along with the old medina, the administrative core, Habous and the Corniche).

Justina, along with her husband Aziz Mrabet, have created a space with fresh eats and some of the best coffee in town, just what travellers want after roaming the kingdom and enjoying endless tajines and mounds of couscous (which I do love by the way). Back when they opened, Bondi Coffee Kitchen was unique on the Casablanca dining scene and launching a new concept in the city is something Justina talks about in the episode.

But as residents of this coastal town Justina shared some of her tips to dispel rumours that there is nothing to do in Casablanca except visit the famous mosque (which is well worth a visit). Of course there’s wandering along the grand boulevards in the downtown core filled with architectural gems, but she also suggests riding the tram to peak inside some of the other neighbourhoods. I would add a wander through Habous, an area developed during the Protectorate era, to the list as well with the hope of gaining access to the Mahkama du Pacha, one of my favourite buildings in Morocco.

So listen in as Justina talks about setting up the restaurant, the philosophy and concept behind Bondi Coffee Kitchen and why you need to add Casablanca to your Morocco itinerary:


Justina Tulloch from Bondi Coffee Kitchen in Casablanca chats with Mandy Sinclair on Why Morocco podcast about living, visiting and doing business in Casablanca

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