Why Morocco podcast episode #2 is now available

Episode two of Why Morocco with Mandy Sinclair is now online and and in this episode I’m chatting success and knowing when to quit with Sophia Bentaher and Annabel Atger. The baking duo came to Marrakech with the intentions of opening a social cafe. But while things don’t always go as planned, we always learn a few lessons along the way.

Off air Annabel was telling me about how impressed a friend of hers was that she decided to not move forward with the cafe idea in Marrakech for the moment because it didn’t feel right (we talk a lot about gut instinct in the podcast). Says Annabel, “Quitting is not a failure, quitting can be very positive and in a lot of cases, way more positive than not taking the step.” 

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I took the month of December 2017 “off” to reflect on business growth and development over the course of the year because something wasn’t working. The result? I started 2018 with redirected energies, refocused target clients list and redefined service offerings at Say Something Communication, and, it has paid off!

“Learning to listen to yourself is hard, but truly rewarding,” adds Annabel during our off-air conversation. 

Listen now: https://mandyinmorocco.com/podcast

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