Brownbook July/August 2017 cover story by Mandy Sinclair

Since moving to Morocco I’ve been blessed with unique opportunities on a regular basis. And so when I learned that my latest story for Brownbook, an urban guide to the Middle East, about a longtime taxi driver from Marrakech made the cover story of the latest issue I was beyond delighted.

You see, this is one of my favourite magazines. Each issue focuses on a topic relevant to the region and hones in to bring the idea to life through a variety of feature stories and interviews with locals young and old. Past issues have focused on Baghdad, elders from the region, office spaces and even plants, complemented with music spotlights, unique travel itineraries, architectural gems, and updates from the diaspora.

In other words, readers are exposed to page-turning ideas from the Middle East region we typically don’t hear about in mainstream media. In fact, when the latest issue hits newsstands in Marrakech, I clear my calendar and spend the morning on the sofa reading the magazine from cover to cover, inspired by the stories I’ve read.

The article is not available online, but rather in the print version. So if you like supporting independent media, please pick up a copy and support this small print. You may just find yourself consuming the magazine from start to finish too.

Photo: ©Brownbook

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