Ramadan rest required

It’s Ramadan and while I love the fasting with my team, breaking the fast with friends, and enjoying the lively Ramadan nights, I’m struggling.

You see weeks of no food or drink during daylight hours have left me exhausted. All the while I have been maintaining a full work schedule.

But not only that, I simply cannot resist the nighttime fun whether it’s receiving guests at home or heading out. Riad Denise Masson hosted a smashing concert in its garden featuring Mood and Bahamasouls that was a magical poetic musical journey from Romania to Andalusia. Other nights have been spent taking ftour in simple garden, or the magical Selman Palace where the Arabian horses danced before us while enjoying our dessert and mint tea. On several occasions I hosted guests on our Tasting Marrakech Ramadan nights food tours and have had the absolute pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing travellers and sharing the special Ramadan ambiance (and treats) together.

So with that, I was seriously in need of a rest.

Chill out vibes and relaxed Sundays in Essaouira Morocco | © Mandy Sinclair
Chill out vibes and relaxed Sundays in Essaouira Morocco | © Mandy Sinclair

The only thing I could think to do was head to the coast, Essaouira to be exact, where the temperatures were significantly cooler (daytime temperatures in Marrakech are reaching well above +40’C at the moment and my air conditioners are not working correctly). Sunday was spent lounging by the pool, indulging in a good book, tucking in to couscous as the sun set over the rolling hills, and curling up in bed to watch The Great Gatsby while admiring the art-deco sets and costumes.

Sunday reading Letters to Yves by Pierre Bergé in Essaouira Morocco
Sunday reading in Essaouira | © Mandy Sinclair

And when it was time to come back to Marrakech, I was refreshed. Slightly saddened that only one week of Ramadan remains, but ever so grateful for the reflective time I’ve had. So I did the one thing this extroverted PR girl in Marrakech knows how to do – filled my calendar with ftours with friends.





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