Just arrived in: Moulay Idriss Zerhoune

It’s one of my favourite places in Morocco. A place where I feel safe and protected (I escaped here on two occasions when things were bad in Morocco, really bad). Coincidently, it’s also one of the holiest places in Morocco with a mausoleum dedicated to Idriss I, the man who brought Islam to Morocco and created a new dynasty back in the seventh century. And it’s the village two of my friends call home.

With the holy celebration of Eid al Adha upon us, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend the holidays. You see even though I’m not Muslim, I do love to engage in local traditions. And since I don’t have family around to celebrate, Eid is typically spent with my dearest friends in Morocco.

As I arrived by train and then grande taxi, it reminded me of going home to visit my family. A train journey followed by a car journey through rolling farmland. Only on this occasion we passed a Roman ruin (Volubilis is nearby and visible from Dar Zerhoune where I’m staying) and olive groves that produce distinct olive oils.

So as I tuck in to bed, the sound of sheep in neighbouring homes is keeping me away. But it’s only for one more night then it’s the feast!

Eid Mubarak Said to all my Muslim readers!

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