Life in Marrakech, March edition

They say that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. Well here’s hoping. Because March came in like a roaring lion searching for its next prey (me). Yes, it’s been a wild month.

I started the month by learning that one of the most important people in my life, one of my biggest fans and strongest supporters, my grandmother, past away after a long few years of suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. She’s in a better place, but I seriously miss the times we used to spend together chatting about life, sharing a meal together or discussing the latest book we’d read.

From a young age she taught me to be self-sufficient, to push myself to the limits when life gets difficult, and that anything is possible. After all, she attended university when it was uncommon for young women to do so. She was widowed during WWII and left to raise a young child. She dedicated her life to helping others. She was always perfectly put together, carried the finest leather tote bag and wore the coolest shades.

With more grey skies than I care to remember, March was a month that had me questioning relationships, future plans, and left me preparing myself to make some decisions as necessary. Yes, March has been an emotional roller coaster that I am happy to bid farewell to it in just a couple of days.

But it wasn’t all grim and gloomy.

My company Say Something Communications was hired to develop a communications strategy for a riad that combined destination marketing and can’t wait to present it to the client. I also worked concierge with a truly lovely group organized by Boutique Souk, a leading event planner in Marrakech.

Hop over to Europe

With travel my favourite past-time (and largest line budget item), I snuck off to Europe for a weekend getaway. During a weekend in Brussels I made new friends and explored the Art Nouveau scene and vintage markets in Brussels.

Flair magazine feature of Mandy Sinclair from WhyMorocco

While there, I picked up a copy of the Belgian magazine Flair as this month I’m sharing my top tips to Marrakech.

With the nicer weather and high season upon us I’ve been dining in Jemaa el Fna (one of my favourite things to do) with guests on Tasting Marrakech tours. Some of my favourite agents and riads are coming on board and offering it to their guests. After four years, I still get excited every time I get to watch the sunset in Jemaa el Fna and dine at some of my favourite food stalls.

A visit to the capital
I also ventured to Rabat to visit the Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. I was keen to view the Medieval Morocco exhibit that opened earlier this month. The permanent exhibit is just fabulous featuring a range of Moroccan contemporary artists. The venue is architecturally interesting. And the Medieval Morocco temporary exhibit is extremely insightful and perhaps one of the best exhibits I’ve seen of late.


But Rabat remains one of my favourite cities in Morocco for its laid-back medina, well-dressed locals, and interesting sites. Stay tuned for a future blog post about a weekend in Rabat.

And that’s about it for me. What have you been up to dear readers?

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  1. Hello … I will be coming to Morocco/ Settat next month for two weeks, and hope to get to Marrakech.. and visit the souk once again.. the weather in Connecticut, USA has been awful this year, so the change will be delightful… love reading your stories..

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