How it all started: Making plans

After my holiday in Morocco, I popped over to Switzerland to visit my dear friends from my days of living in Geneva.  But after three weeks in Morocco, I missed the chaos.  I remember being shocked when a car stopped to let me cross at the cross-walk. The quietness as I sat with my friends by Lake Geneva chatting while enjoying a glass of wine. I told them about my life-changing holiday and plans to return to Morocco, if only for five months to learn French before returning to Canada.  They were concerned, but heard me out.  So I knew it was time to make a plan and set some timelines.

I gave myself six months.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

I needed to figure out if this were really the decision I wanted to make. To pay off some debts and save some money to live while I settled in.  I needed to do a skills inventory and determine what skills I had and what would make me more “employable” once I arrived.  I needed to sell my furnishings in my apartment, arrange storage for stuff I may want if I returned, and get rid of clothes, shoes and bags.

I enrolled in a French class, and obtained a TESOL certificate. I started living with less and putting more money towards a debt repayment. I started valuing my time in the city more, with the dear friends I would soon be leaving. I had to tell my employer that I didn’t want my contract extended, I was moving to Morocco with no career prospects at the time.

It wasn’t always easy.  I extended my contract by a month, for that extra bit of security.  There were moments of wondering what the heck I was doing, and why.  After all, I was leaving my family and some amazing people in my life. But I’m not one to make irrational decisions on such major changes.

But I knew I had to do it. 

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

It took me six months, but I finally left. And I was full of excitement and fear. I felt like I had endless opportunities. And as I stepped off the plane in Casablanca in January 2011 I was ready to take on the world! I quickly hopped on a train to Marrakech, a city I never imagined I would live in, to start my new life!

7 thoughts on “How it all started: Making plans

    1. All is well here. I’m in Canada for the summer working away and preparing to launch my next idea! How is life in NZ? I love hearing about the shoots you style, xx

  1. Hi, I’ve found your blog a month ago and love reading your posts. I’ve spent almost six months in Morocco- in the city of Bouarfa, working as a volunteer there and I truly understand you for moving back to Marrakech 🙂 This idea is also in mind after coming home from Morocco. Greetings!
    Soon my blog about my experience in Morocco and not only will be ready and I will be happy if you give it few minutes and tell your opinion about it. 🙂

  2. Im so happy to find your blog. thanks a lot for sharing your invaluable experiences. Me and my friends just came back from Maroc last month but we just cant stopped talking abt it.. Almost everyday. We love Maroc so much and are already talking about going back. We are even considering working there.. So your blog is really what we need.. Thanks again😀👍

  3. Thank you Mandy for sharing your invaluable experiences. Me and 2 friends came back from Maroc last month and we just cant stop talking about our trip. We are now planning to go back and work in Maroc. So im so excited to have found your blog!! thank you again!😀👍💋

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