The cost of living in Marrakech

I love life in Morocco.

But the truth is I miss my family.  And friends.

And doing things together that you do when you live in the same city.  Like gathering at our favourite cafes for a good catch up. Or checking out the latest restaurant in town.

Special occasions are also difficult. Like birthdays. (I’ve already had to decline an invite to a sixth birthday party at Great Wolf Lodge!)

But also the simple things.  Like watching my nephews play hockey.  Or coffee with my dad while talking about life.

But today I missed having this little spooky trick-or-treater, on a normal day know as my nephew Nicholas, show up on Hallowe’en.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair
Copyright M. Sinclair

So while I did make this decision, it does come at a cost!

One thought on “The cost of living in Marrakech

  1. I know what you mean about cost, I’ve got a 5 year old nephew who is my absolutely favorite family member. He earnestly said to me one day, “tell me about your life”. “I said, really you don’t want to hear that” and he said “yes, tell me” so I told him about all the cool things I saw in the Djmaa el Fna. He was enthralled. And the only one to ask.

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