Happy autumn!

Oh it’s been a long summer.  Temperatures above +45’C for weeks.  Battling one illness after another.  And add to this the holy month of Ramadan which was extremely difficult for most people I met here in Marrakech.  It was a challenge on several levels.

But a vacation in Assilah provided an escape. The slow-paced lifestyle, and a medina providing a cool arts feel while sipping coffee with friends before heading to the beautiful beach for a wonderful afternoon nap served as the ideal vacation spot.

And wandering through the beautiful medina helped put things in to perspective.


Wandering the streets of Assilah Morocco
Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And now with the change of seasons upon us, I’m optimistic about the coming months.  Because I’ve had a chance to re-evaluate my priorities.  Identify what’s stressing me out. And determine where I want to focus my energy.

Here’s hoping the new season is filled with positive surprises.


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