Why Morocco 033 – Life coach Ray Beach on Drift and Design

Why Morocco 033 – Life coach Ray Beach on Drift and Design

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For final episode of Why Morocco’s second season, I chatted with one of the people I’m checking in with weekly and that person is my life coach, Ray Beach from Drift and Design. I credit her and our weekly coaching sessions for helping me to live my best life in Marrakech, Morocco. Ray and I have been working together for over a year during which time she has coached me through various exercises and techniques to help bring balance to my life, but also move forward ideas and work through personal issues.

When I sat down to record this episode, I wanted this to be an honest and open conversation between Ray and I to let listeners know that others may also be struggling, despite putting on a strong front.

But what I want listeners to know that I believe that coaching or any other one to one development work such as counselling, therapy or mentoring are personal decisions and may even require professional advise. So while life coaching has worked for me and some of the exercises can, as Ray says in the interview, be used in group or organisational settings, I think each of us are unique. So it’s about finding what works for us, when the time is right.

Listen in as Ray and I chat about her approach to coaching and what exercises I’m working on to help me through these unexpected and unknown times.

To get in touch with Ray, email her at hello@driftanddesign.co.uk

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