Why Morocco 002 – Sophia Bentaher and Annabel Atger on when to quit

Why Morocco 002 – Sophia Bentaher and Annabel Atger on when to quit

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What happens when you have a fabulous idea and come to Morocco hot off a research trip around Europe ready to set up shop? On the second episode of Why Morocco I’m chatting with Sophia Bentaher and Annabel Atger about their plans to open a social café in Marrakech, what happens when things don’t go as intended, and how we define success. Because quitting is definitely not failing. 

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Mandy’s other projects include:

  • Tasting Marrakech food and cultural tours in Marrakech tasting-marrakech.com
  • A boutique PR agency that works with brands based in Morocco seeking to reach international audiences or those seeking to break in to the Moroccan market saysomethingcommunication.com
  • And the little blog called Why Morocco that started back in 2010 when Mandy decided to swap public employee life to pursue life in Marrakech mandyinmorocco.com


One thought on “Why Morocco 002 – Sophia Bentaher and Annabel Atger on when to quit

  1. Nice to learn about this blog. I will be taking my 2nd trip to Morocco in November. More than anything my dream is to spend extended time there and do my artwork. I am a painter from US. I do know about the few residency programs in Tetouan and Marrakech.
    Just trying to find resources for the contemporary art scene is maddening. When I was in Marrakech I did visit galleries and I met an artist who gave me some info but wow..it is tough trying to locate a real serious art scene in contempirary art. Craftspeople..plenty…tourist art..alot but real working artists..thats tough. My longwinded suggestion….maybe delve into the ” contemporary” art scene. There are art schools I’ve heard. There must be serious artists. ( and not Jardin rouge..so cliquey..i could not even get an appointment to view the place). Thanks!

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