Behind the lens: An interview with wedding photographer Virginie Faucher

Every once in a while you meet a girl boss that you really click with. A girl boss that understands the value of supporting each other and helping one another to succeed. And that’s just what I found when I met Virginie Faucher, a wedding photographer living Paris and Marrakech where she shoots engagement, family, lifestyle sessions upon request.

As a PR girl in Marrakech, I’m always on the lookout for collaborators and professionals working in the red city as well. Virginie and I met when she asked one of my Say Something Communication clients to participate in a photo shoot. We jumped at the opportunity and it has lead to several collaborations already.

Says Virginie, “I’m a photographer, specializing in wedding photography, portrait and lifestyle. My work is a combination of a journalistic and artistic approach to produce natural and spontaneous images, and stylish, intimate photography with a focus on details. I love to photograph people, and  especially happy people. Natural light, emotion, candid shots rather than staged ones. Tell a story and share it with you.” I couldn’t agree more with her statement and it truly shines through in her work.

So I sat down with her on a recent working holiday in Marrakech and discussed wedding photography in Marrakech. Here’s what she had to say.

With so many beautiful venues in Marrakech, it’s hard to pick a wedding venue. What’s your top pick for a wedding venue to shoot at?

It’s hard to pick only one spot, but I love rustic chic places with breathtaking views: Kasbah Bab Ourika is that special place to me. Not too big, not too fancy, but pure elegance, charm, with natural elements. This is luxury lives in my opinion. Built on the top of a hill and facing the Atlas Mountains, this boutique hotel is heaven to me. And there are many stunning options to set up  extraordinary outdoor ceremonies!

Every where we look in Marrakech is basically Instagrammable. In your opinion, what’s the most Instagrammable spot in Marrakech? 

That’s a tough one! Marrakech is definitely the right place for Instagram addicts: almost every door in the old town, every colourful stalls in the souks are calling for a pic!

Many riads hold charming details and Marrakech has also amazing luxury hotels which are an endless source of inspiration. So it’s too hard for me to pick up only ONE spot. The medina and the atmosphere of everyday life of locals is, to me, where I get the most inspired.

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The light in Marrakech is magical. What’s your favourite time of day for shooting wedding and engagement photos in Marrakech? 

The light in Marrakech is usually very strong, so ‘golden hour’ for sure, is the perfect moment. Depends on the time of the year, but late afternoon I would say.

You’ve done many engagement sessions in Marrakech. What tips do you have for couples planning their engagement photos in the red city?

There are many different and beautiful options to shoot an engagement session in Marrakech. I suggest that couples should define what they’re ‘attracted’ to, when they think of Marrakech. Is it the palmgrove? The wild and lunar landscapes of the Agafay desert? The medina and Jemaa El Fna square? Or a legendary hotel such as the Mamounia?

Shooting in various locations can definitely be an option too! In that case, I advise to book a chauffeur (with an air-conditioned vehicle if you plan a session between April and October). Casual, yet elegant matching outfits (long dresses are recommended for ladies), a pair of flat sandals handy if you need to stroll down the souks or jump and dance with your sweetheart in the Palmeraie! (I love to ask my clients to do that…)

One last tip?

Trust your photographer. If you chose him/her, it’s because you like the work. So have fun! This is what a couple session is supposed to be like!

On the job with fellow girl boss Virginie Faucher

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