La reprise

And just like that September is over. How on Earth did that happen?

You see, the month of August in Morocco is almost impossible to get anything done with businesses closing for the month and pretty much everyone heading off on vacation (similar to southern European summer vacation). Since I take the month of July as my vacation in Canada, I was back to work in August. And despite a deserted Marrakech, I was quite busy working on client requests, and applying for prestigious awards dedicated to female solopreneurs, and meeting friends who happened to also be in town.

So when the first of September rolled around and it coincided with Eid al Adha, I took advantage of one last bank holiday weekend and headed to Essaouira for four nights of time spent with friends, soaking up the ocean views, sipping local wines and eating yummy food. I extended as long as possible before having to face la reprise / la rentrée because returning to a city when everyone is returning can be quite hectic. 

But let me tell you this. Taking a break, disconnecting and recharging one’s batteries is highly effective. I’ve come back with new energies, new outlooks and new ideas. And so the break is paying off.

Slightly cooler temperatures meant I was back training at the gym up to four times a week with my amazing coach. I filmed a short segment with France’s TV5 programme Echappées Belles and also secured coverage for some of my public relations clients. I was asked to write about the musée Yves Saint Laurent marrakech for one of my favourite publications and had a private tour in advance of the opening. Tasting Marrakech requests came in fast and furious following some new partnerships. And the event work allowed me to meet some super amazing artists and people to work with.

But it wasn’t all work and no play. My work is my play. I did however manage to squeeze in a quick getaway to Casablanca to wander amongst the art-deco buildings, admire the gorgeous Hassan II mosque and watch the sunset while enjoying a bottle of Moroccan rosé with a girlfriend.

So when October 1 came around and I was still on the ground working an event, I took October 2 off for a bit of celebration and reflection following one of the most successful and diverse months professionally speaking. And of course, some time to reflect on where I want the month, but also last quarter, to go! Because as one of my girlfriends so rightly pointed out, only three months remain before we bid farewell to 2017.

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