Eid Mubarak Said

Eid Mubarak Said to those celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

In previous years I was in Canada enjoying down time with my family, but this year I decided to spend the last week of this holy time in Marrakech. You see, I felt that Morocco is giving me quite a bit at the moment and to truly engage in the culture, I needed to be here.

So for a week I enjoyed ftours with friends at Cafe Clock, I indulged in a decadent ftour at La Table du Marche where we met friendly locals intrigued by our desire to speak Darija as we dined in our traditional abayas. I took pleasure in preparing ftour for some of my closest female friends at my apartment.

The evening atmosphere during this holy month was beyond buzzy as locals packed the cafes until early hours of the morning, the muezzin called the prayer as locals gathered at the mosques throughout the night, and shops stayed open until 1:30 a.m.

But it was a month of challenges as well. Temperatures regularly climbed above +40’C. As I met with and called friends to wish them an Eid Mubarak I learned that someone near and dear to me lost her mother, another finalized a divorce while health problems made it difficult for another friend to fast, a reminder that sometimes joyous occasions are not always so for everyone!

And so on the morning of Eid el Fitr I awoke to a trumpeter wandering through the streets at 6:30 a.m. before heading over to a local orphanage with a friend to deliver lots of cuddles and sweets to the children, another reminder that life isn’t always equal or fair.

xx Mandy

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  1. Such a nice post Mandy.
    Many good reminders throughout, to count ones blessings and to be aware that life is most certainly not fair or balanced, but to cultivate both balance and fairness in ones own actions.

  2. As for a Moroccan it had been an interesting experience for me too, since it was the second time for me to fast in Marrakech,yet the warm of cafe clock fans was of great location to visit and chill out after each breaking fast. I hope to see you in Marrakech soon !!

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