How it all started

Copyright Mandy Sinclair
Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I can’t believe it. It’s been four years.  One thousand four hundred and sixty one days since I first stepped foot in Morocco, a country I longed to visit after watching Hideous Kinky in 1999 during my semester abroad in Australia. And so one Saturday afternoon four years ago I boarded a plane. Alone.  (Although I was booked on a 15-day tour with a few extra days in Marrakech at the end.)

I was so excited.  I couldn’t wait to try the food. Soak up the atmosphere.  See the countryside. And listen to the music.

And ok, perhaps I was just a little frightened.  You see, it was my first time in Africa.  And my first time in a Muslim country.

But mostly I just wanted to go on holiday.  I hadn’t been on a proper holiday in two years. I needed to go away and forget about my life in Canada. I was unfulfilled. I was ready for a change and looking to move to another city.  I just didn’t know where.  New York, Chicago and Toronto were all options I was considering.

So I thought three weeks in Morocco would help me sort it all out.  What happened next I never thought imaginable.

Over the next three weeks I would find my spiritual home. The place where I’m the happiest. I would discover the city that makes my soul come alive and my energy flow. Food that made my mouth water. Mountains, beaches and deserts that would intrigue me. And for this I thank God everyday.

Stay tuned for daily blog posts as I share photos and memories from the journey I took four years ago that changed my life forever.

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