The busy myth continues

I can’t believe we are still describing ourselves as “busy”. I thought that was so 2012. Do you define yourself as busy?

If so, stop it please!

It’s not cool, sexy or even stylish.

I used to be so busy I hardly had time to think. But then I went to Turkey and came to some self-realizations.

Busy was self-imposed.  It was the perfect way to forget about feelings and emotions I needed to deal with.  Loneliness, fear, rejection. So busy came along and I hopped on the busy bus.  Racing off to every party there was, accepting more work than I could possibly do in one day, quick meetings with friends so I could vent about my day or discuss new ideas.

I felt guilty when I was not busy.

But through it all, I was having the time of my life.

Or so I thought.

But then the busy bus came to a screeching halt.

And I went to Turkey to be by myself. I was tired of being busy.  It wasn’t cool.  Or fun. Nope. It was exhausting.  Suddenly I had nothing to do but deal with the emotions I’d been suppressing for years. And I changed my outlook.  So much so that when people ask me how I’m doing, my response is quite simply, “perfect”.

You see I now have time for dinners and lunches with friends. Marrakech is filled with interesting people to meet. Gallery openings to attend. Cross-cultural events to enjoy. Surrounding valleys to hike through. Fascinating markets to wander through. And books to read and films to watch.

Yet all of this possible while working on exciting projects and with interesting clients.

And so when I recently bumped in to a friend and the response to how are you? was busy it put me off. I wasn’t interested in hearing about “busy”.

So here’s hoping you find a bit of time to unbusy yourself this weekend.

xo Mandy

3 thoughts on “The busy myth continues

  1. This is so true, and I’m so guilty of it. Especially feeling guilty with free time and getting anxious. Thanks for the reminder, it’s all about how we frame our minds! I’m something’s overwhelmed with work- those no time to lunch or pee days on back to back conference calls, I’m still learning how to manage and say no to unreasonable requests. Thank u for sharing! I wish on all my solo travels I had reached this epiphany myself!

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