Reflections on a fabulous summer

Oh I’m having a fabulous summer.  Not just because of the lazy afternoons with my nephews, hot summer days at the beach, or just enjoying a coffee on the front porch enjoying the silence.

But because I’ve had a chance to think.  About what I want. Where I want to go.  And while I don’t have all the answers, I have had a chance just to reflect.

And while in Canada I met friends who tell me they are ready to do something else, but they just don’t know what they would do.  To be honest, I am too!

So my best advise: remove yourself from your routine, the usual.  Slow down. Go somewhere (and not necessarily exotic), but disconnect. Open your mind. And explore. Because that’s when new ideas enter our minds, new interests are discovered and hidden talents may reveal themselves.  When we’re out of the everyday!

Sure some people might be thinking, oh Mandy of course it’s easy for you to say, you don’t have kids.  Or a mortgage.  And you have a lot of flexibility.  But that’s not true, these are just excuses that we let get in our way for reaching our fullest potential.

Be open. Be positive.


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