Home for a rest!

I’m home.  In Canada. For a rest.

You see I’ve had a busy few months.  More than busy.  Exhausting.  Waking up, day after day, to a miles-long to-do list.

And when asked how I was doing, my response became tired, bitchy, exhausted, defeated.  In fact, I’m surprised I still have friends.

So I’m spending the summer focusing my energy on what matters to me: family, friends and the work I love to do.  By a lake. In Canada.  Far from the heat of Marrakech.

Because in our fast-paced lives, we all need a break. A chance to recharge our batteries. Reflect. Plan. Enjoy life. And the people around us. Oh, and the views, and um perhaps a few beers.  Like this one, where I spent a week of vacation.  Pure bliss.

No emails. No cell phone reception.  And guess what?  All was OK when we got back to the city.

Sunset in Canada
Sunset in Canada

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