Yes We Can!

Oh Obama.

Why can’t Canada have a charismatic, inspirational leader like this man?

But never mind.

Did you see Obama’s inauguration speech the other day?

Wow I was moved.  And I couldn’t help myself writing little notes about different points he made so I can attempt to incorporate them into my life here in Morocco.  Both work and personal.

Like providing appropriate wages for honest labour to liberate people from hardship.  I am proud to say that the company I work for does this, but we can always we do more.  Like teaching the women new skills to not only further their skill set, but instil self-confidence.

And to ensure that children born into poverty have equal chances, not just in the eyes of God.  You see I’ve been looking to volunteer with an association here in Marrakech helping the vulnerable

Sadly, he still has to mention that women, gays and the poor must be provided equal opportunities.

But most importantly, he says that when times change, so must we.

In case you missed it, check it out:

You might just find a little inspiration too!

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