Smoke from the nearby grills filled the streets with a haze. Scooters, cars, vegetable sellers, and horse-drawn buggies passed through the tiny alleys. People of all ages filled the streets as the two sat down for dinner in the old Marrakech medina.

If this sounds like your kinda vacay, come to Morocco.  After all, that’s just a typical evening in Marrakech.

And if you are interested in a guide, driver or just some travel tips, contact me!  I’m happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with a special guide who can show you around.

Stunning countryside, hospitable people, flavourful food, unparalleled shopping, simple lifestyle, sweet mint tea….I could go on and on…

But careful what you wish for.

My guide did such a great job showing me around this beautiful country that I packed up my apartment, sold my stuff, quit my job, and moved to Morocco.  And I have no regrets.  It’s just that kinda place!

13 thoughts on “Visit!

  1. I definitely love you taking the plunge! It’s what I’m trying to do, but I still have a whole lot self-discovering to do!

  2. Hi, it’s lovely reading your blog’s. I wanted to ask do you know if TEFL jobs are in demand there? Another thing is what are the legal requirements of living there on a long term basis. Visa wise etc


  3. Having spent 7 days in Morocco I have also fallen for this beautiful place. I am very torn as I now want to move there as well !! It is great to read your blog and see that you have given it a red hot go.

    I too loved the madness of Marrakech and am now very bored by the predictability of Western life.

    Perhaps I too will set the 6 month challenge to myself in order to make it happen.

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