This author is helping me to travel at a time when we’re told to stay home

A new year and another month in quarantine.

I’m remaining hopeful that I may be able to return to Morocco soon. I was originally planning to travel in January, then February and now who knows given the Canadian government is reminding Canadians to avoid non-essential travel as travel bans may sweep in at any time. But I have a new passport and I’m ready to go when the time is right to do so!

And since the nights remain longer than the days, I’ve been cozying up to the fireplace with a good read as the sun sets. Never one to really Netflix and chill, I have been escaping in to endless books, including the historical romance The English Wife written by my friend and author Adrienne Chinn.

Just before Christmas, Adrienne and I recorded a bonus episode of Why Morocco. We chatted about her two books The Lost Letter from Morocco, set in Morocco and The English Wife, set in Newfoundland, Canada and her plans to release her next book, written during lockdown 1.0. We also reminisced about one thing I miss about Morocco the most – the creative energy. There’s just something there that just inspires us to produce our best creative work.

You see, Adrienne began developing her latest novel The English Wife at my dining room table in Marrakech back in 2018 and the book was released on the 24 June 2020. The time-split historical romance is set between Norwich, UK and Newfoundland, Canada and follows the tale of an aunt and her niece who end up in Newfoundland. Or so we think. I won’t say anymore. But rather, just grab a copy. In a time when international travel is restricted, I may add exploring Newfoundland to my 2021 travel list (when it’s safe to do so).

I released a bonus podcast episode of Why Morocco featuring Adrienne Chinn just days before Christmas, as the Western world awaited news on regulations concerning holiday gatherings and countries started shutting down flights given the new strain emerging.

For readers dreaming of travelling to Morocco, The Lost Letter from Morocco, was a real page-turner as the characters set out in locations including Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, and even to coastal Essaouira for the Gnaoua Festival, one of my favourite festivals in Morocco. Like her latest novel, The Lost Letter from Morocco is a time-split historical read and the text very much transported me around Morocco, filling my mind with vivid images and memories of time spent in each location visited.

Listen in as Adrienne and I chat about her novels, writing style and approaches and why she too is so inspired and filled with creative energy when visiting Morocco on MandyinMorocco.

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