On being vulnerable and pressing publish

I’ve reached the end of my lockdown to-do list.

Back in March as the world began to shut down initially, I met with my life coach to develop coping strategies – identifying that which I can control and letting go of what I cannot, and developing a to-do list to ensure I had a sense purpose in my day. Added to that list were things like clearing out Google Drives, shutting down email addresses no longer in use, and preparing to launch our Essaouira x Tasting Marrakech food tour (which has made its way on to the Telegraph’s list of things to do in Essaouira).

I managed to complete these tasks while I still had some steam and energy to keep going through the days that began to feel like Groundhog Day. Eventually though I ran out of steam. And ambition.

But also on that list was writing, recording and editing and publishing a course on Skillshare. I did the first three tasks, but publishing was a challenge, not only because of internet connection in Morocco. I just felt so vulnerable. I hate doing video. And I’d shared quite a bit about myself.

So I took the summer off. And as long summer days turned to beautiful and ever-so-colourful autumn days perfect for hitting the nearby trails, my to-do list became less important.

Until I participated in a workshop about life writing and was encouraged to be vulnerable in the stories I share and tell. And so one Friday in October, I decided it was time to get back to “work.” To do so, I decided, I needed to put a fear of vulnerability I was struggling with behind me.

So I finally pushed publish on the Skillshare course Building Your Business: Creating a content strategy in eight steps I created, recorded and edited during the first lockdown in Marrakech. I heavily reference examples from operating Tasting Marrakech throughout. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit vulnerable about pushing publish and revealing myself on the internet.

But as I pressed publish, I remembered how vulnerable I felt releasing a podcast episode in conversation with my life coach Ray Beach from Drift and Design. The responses I received made it all worthwhile. Listeners left me, sometimes tearful, messages about how opening up about my own experiences helped them through this difficult time. Some said that they had no idea I had a life coach as I seem to have it all together. Oh I wish…..

And so now my class is out there. And if you’re interested, curious or looking to expand your skill set, check me (and other wonderful teachers and classes) out on Skillshare.

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