You don’t want to miss this new restaurant in Marrakech on episode 010 of Why Morocco!

For the tenth episode of Why Morocco, I sat down with Cassie Karinsky, co-owner of +61, Marrakech’s own Australian restaurant. Cassie’s an entrepreneur and has owned a few business here in Marrakech and just seems to have a go-get-it attitude – something I admire about her. She’s grateful and appreciative. She is inspired. And inspiring. And she loves to create. Her latest venture, +61, is the perfect example.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Gueliz, and the neighbourhood I call home. I feel it’s often overlooked by travellers, yet the colonial-era architectural gems, designer workshops and showrooms, and art galleries make this a neighbourhood to discover. And that’s just what we invite guests on our Tasting Marrakech Gueliz tour to do. We explore some of the architectural gems in Marrakech’s new city, stop at some of our favourite art galleries housed in art deco wonders, wander through parks and religious buildings that surprise visitors who dare to venture beyond the Marrakech medina. (I also wrote about the neighbourhood for the Evening Standard). We chat history, eat street food and shop.

Listen in as Cassie tells us about opening a restaurant in Marrakech and her tips for entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business in Morocco:


Photo provided by +61

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