Tamazirt by Amayour, or my favourite yoga retreat centre in Morocco

As I get older, I find myself longing for life in the countryside where life is slower. And in many ways simpler. Where a walk to the local shop supplies the goods for the day. And entertainment consists of wanders through the rolling hills, meeting friendly locals along the way.

And that’s exactly what I found when I headed to Tamazirt by Amayour, a dedicated yoga retreat centre in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas Mountains just 15 minutes from Taghazout. Co-owners Shiraz Ksaiba and M’hand Naciri have blended a London eye for style with Amazigh knowledge to create a place where yogis with various budgets can join a five-night New Moon Yoga Retreat, indulge in fresh and wild Moroccan cuisine (think veggies sourced straight from the local market, fruits of the finest quality, and freshly ground spices for flavour) in between practices and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of an area not typically explored by travellers.

Just outside this hillside retreat, shepherds graze their herds, the muezzin calls the prayer from the tiny mosque nearby five times a day, and silence (and blue skies) are almost guaranteed. From our doorstep, guests can set off on guided hikes through the countryside where life seems to stand still and the kindness and generosity of the local people is second to none. We should also mention that Tamazirt means mountain/ countryside in the local dialect. Just don’t expect rugged mountain peaks, but rather gentle rolling hills dotted with argan and olive  trees for a bit of shade along the way.

– from the Tamazirt by Amayour website.

Despite its remote location, the opportunities to engage with the local community are bountiful. The nearby hammam is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy one of the best beauty treatments on earth. Surfing lessons with a local in nearby Taghazout region are available. Guests are invited to join in a day excursion to either the Paradise Valley or weekly market (I joined Shiraz on a couple of occasions it was ah-mazing) as part of the package.

Now let’s talk about the prices. Starting at 400€ for a five-night retreat including all meals on site, up to eight yoga classes and in-depth workshops, a day excursion and use of a heated swimming pool, the owners are staying true to their word when they say they want to keep yoga accessible to all.

How I work with Tamazirt by Amayour

As a public relations consultant with a passion for press office management, content strategy and creating connections, I was delighted when Shiraz contacted me to assist with the launch. I spent a couple of days with her in Taghazout, visiting the property, chatting expectations and desired outcomes. Then we got to work. We wrote web copy and press materials, met with journalists, talked with travel industry insiders, engaged the yoga community and launched the centre on 6 October with a five-night Half Moon Yoga Retreat at Tamazirt by Amayour. I was delighted when Tamazirt by Amayour snagged the fifth place on The Guardian’s 20 best yoga destinations in the world (and it was the only property in Morocco on the list). Enquiries from yoga instructors seeking to host their yoga retreats at Tamazirt by Amayour are consistent and requests to partner are frequent. To say it has been a delightful project to work on would be an understatement.

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