Chatting Tracing Morocco with Hendrik Beikirch on episode 006 of Why Morocco

For the sixth episode of Why Morocco, I headed out to the Montresso* Foundation to meet with artist Hendrik Beikirch, the artist behind the Tracing Morocco project and the upcoming Siberia exhibition. His book, Tracing Morocco, featuring the images and stories of tradesmen and craftspeople in Morocco sits proudly on my coffee table in Marrakech and is a popular read amongst friends stopping by chez moi. 

Beikirch’s mural of Aziz was the first installation of its size in Marrakech and certainly has impact, the artist says. It appeared during the sixth edition of the Marrakech Biennale and it quickly became one of my favourite street art installations in Marrakech (I’m also a fan of the Mad/C installation near Dar El Bacha in the medina installed also during the Marrakech Biennale).

I first learned about Beikirch’s work when I was managing the international press office during the opening week of the Marrakech Biennale back in 2016. Elise Lavigne, former PR girl extraordinaire from the Montresso* Foundation, stopped by the office regularly with press materials and providing updates like the magnificent PR she is. We got to know each other professionally. And soon our meetings in offices were replaced by hanging out at wine bars and chatting all things life in Marrakech. And Rabat. Because Elise was instrumental in bringing the mural of Najma to life in the capital (Henrik and I chat about this one during the podcast).

Hendrik Beikirch Najma Rabat Morocco 2017 ©Hendrik Beikirch Photo provided by Montresso* Foundation
Hendrik Beikirch Najma Rabat Morocco 2017 ©Hendrik Beikirch Photo provided by Montresso* Foundation

Her replacement Claire helped me coordinate this interview and visit to the Foundation and I cannot wait to be sipping wine with her poolside during the Siberia exhibition opening on 5 November.

For now, have a listen to my conversation with Hendrik:

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