The Bluesfest blues

I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately.  Like the kind of blue I feel after two weeks of Ottawa Bluesfest mania.

But this year the festival hasn’t even started it, and I’m feeling it already.

Because this year I won’t be enjoying concerts every night, discovering new artists, hanging out at the indie stage.  Or even seeing my friends night after night, and perhaps partying into the wee hours, er um, past sunrise.  Or rockin’ out as some of my favourite Canadian bands take to the stage.  Or managing the social media team for this amazing festival (in fact, it was named one of the top ten music festivals in the world by Billboard magazines *wowza*).

Yep, it’s the 12 days I look forward to all year long!

This year I’m focusing on my life in Morocco.

So I’ll leave you with the video clips of some of my favourite artists Bluesfest has introduced me to in recent years.

My fav – Miss Emily.  Her voice. Her style. Her songs. Love it!  Thankfully she’s been “discovered” and now has an EP out.

Imaginary Cities.  A band with a fun, poppy sound.  I just love the lead singer’s voice.

Jonas.  The kind of music that’s best played loud.  And danced to!

Caravan Palace.  Um yes please.  An eclectic sound. And perfect for dancing. Turn it up!

And of course, perhaps one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, the Flaming Lips.  With lyrics so powerful, and shows so unique, this band is high on my playlist!

So if you’re heading out to Bluesfest, I hope you too have the post-Bluesfest blues when it’s over.  A true sign of a fantastic festival!

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