Life.  It’s been far too busy.

Too busy to even realize spring has arrived.

Springtime in Todra Gorge

Too busy to do things I enjoy doing.

So I took a bit of a break.  And headed out of the city.

North actually.  To Tangier.  And wandered throughHercules’ Grotto.  As legend has it, Hercules lived here after slashing his sword into the surrounding soil, creating the Strait of Gibraltar.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And while en route I had a chance to think.  About what’s important. And how to be less busy.  And find more time to do what I love doing.

So I’ve decided to focus my energy on fewer projects.

Learn Darija, the local language here in Morocco.

And enjoy life more.

Because as I read on a blog recently, perhaps we stay so busy so the truth of our life can’t catch up!

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