TEDx Marrakesh

Sometimes I feel the need to open my mind to new ideas.  Search for knowledge.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I worked in a university for nearly four years.  But I also like to meet “cool” individuals doing “cool” things.

And that’s exactly what I found when I went to TEDx Marrakesh on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Riad El Fenn.

People who believe that answers to the global energy crisis already exist, and we need to make people part of the solution!  Or another expert who believes that artists give new tools to solve problem.

Or my personal favourite, the evolutionary biologist who quoted the UN in stating that small-scale farms provide the solution to the global food problem.

And along the same lines, the researcher who believes microbes are the spirit of the Earth and they must be returned to the food we eat, which is currently significantly less nutritious than even recent years due to pesticide use.

Much respect to the lawyer who defends “criminals” on death row in America and finds that over 70 per cent of those accused and awaiting the death penalty are in fact innocent.

For the perfect end to the day, the sweet woman who believes in spreading kindness through food.  (She even provided us with a cooking demonstration.)  And then left us with the thought that, “you haven’t lived a perfect day unless you help someone who cannot pay you back.”

After my thirst for knowledge and inspiration had been fulfilled, I happily retreated to the rooftop terrace to mingle with other attendees….

…Just as the sun was setting on a perfect day in the old Marrakech medina.

Enjoying the sunset over the Marrakech medina from Riad El Fenn after TEDx Marrakesh
Oh Marrakech medina how I love thee!

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