When opportunity knocks…

No detail is overlooked in Fes, Morocco
No detail is overlooked in Fes, Morocco

….you need to be ready to answer.

Right now I feel like an opportunity is about to knock.  And I’m hoping it’s what I want it to be.

Because I’ve been looking for opportunities.  A chance to do something new.  Change directions.

So to be sure I’m ready, I’m preparing myself.

Ridding myself of any “baggage”, negativity.  Remaining open-minded.  Exploring other options, not just sticking to what I know.  Brushing up my language skills.  Redefining goals and objectives. Seeing opportunities and challenges as a chance to grow and develop.

It may come with some risk, so I need to be ready.

Because when opportunity knocks, I want to make sure I’m there to answer in proper Miss Mandy style.

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