Remember back in the day

Remember the simple days of running through the sprinklers?  When your mom would put on the sprinkler for you and your friends to run through. A great way to cool off.  And hours of entertainment, laughter and screaming.

That’s kinda what happened to my friend and I today after getting stuck in the midst of the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler fun on a warm summer day!
Sprinkler fun on a warm summer day!

And just like kids, we screamed and laughed as we zigzagged our way to the end.

May you have one of those magical, care-free, child-like moments this summer!

2 thoughts on “Remember back in the day

  1. I can just see you running in heels Mandy! I love this post because it reminds us to find the joy in each unexpected moment! Off to find a sprinkler now… 🙂

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