The truth

For the most part, life here is pretty great.

But it’s not perfect.

Nope. There are days when I just wanna cry. Days when I relationships go wrong. When I miss those who are closest to me.  A lot.  When I just wanna grab a coffee to go.  Like a really big coffee.  I experience difficult things. Or just don’t feel like arguing over the price, though it’s just part of society. When things just don’t seem to go right.

But then I remember that friends are just a phone call away.  And we chat like old times.  They remind us why we made the decisions we did. Why I’m here. The things I love about this place.  Challenges that exist anywhere in the world.  And why I came back.

And suddenly I get my smile back.  The step in the Miss Mandy “strut”. And I go about laughing and joking as I normally do!

Thankful for those who truly “get” me!

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