Realist vs. Pessimist

After an exciting 2010 filled with travelling, exciting professional opportunities and planning a move to Morocco, I’m getting a bit bored. I made here. Got a job. Made some friends. Now I need to do something.

So in true Miss Mandy fashion, I’ve got an idea. A big idea! After all, I’m a dreamer. And always have been. For the most part, I follow through on my ideas.

But a conversation the other day got me down. And thinking about realists and pessimists.

As a dreamer, I tend to associate myself with other dreamers. Motivators. People who help you find creative solutions to a problem. After all, the path to following a dream isn’t always linear.

Nor is it problem-free.

But if you want to achieve your dream, you’ll find a way.

After all, if things were that easy, you wouldn’t have dreams. Things would just be effortless and come naturally.

Enter the pessimist.

They’re the ones who come along, typically out of nowhere, and kick your dream in the face. Knock you down when you’re full of ambition. For no reason.  And no real reasoning. Make you feel like you’ll never achieve anything.

Bullies of the adult playground.

But they don’t matter. Nope. They’re just a bully.

It’s just that unfortunately, sometimes it’s easier to believe the pessimist than the realist.

2 thoughts on “Realist vs. Pessimist

  1. Don’t let them get you down Mandy — they are not a reality check — they only serve to keep us focussed on our dreams by helping us see how NOT to think. The contrasts are what’s important. They are out there — but we don’t have to listen… last time I checked, there was no rule about it. 🙂

  2. Don’t let the bastards get you down, darling. You are living your dream. We only have one life and you are living yours to the max. XO n

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