Rockin’ the jeleba

So the other day a former staff member where I was living gave me a gift.  A jeleba.

It was so incredibly thoughtful of her.  And two of my favourite colours.  Combined.

Love it!  Especially on hot days.

And in true Miss Mandy fashion, I had it on inside out as I pranced down the street today in search of msimens.  Thankfully I passed a friend who could inform me about my pre-coffee error before too many people noticed.  And that it was only 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning so not many people were out.

So continues my adventure in the old Marrakech medina!

9 thoughts on “Rockin’ the jeleba

  1. Nice shot and looking beautiful! I think it was one of my weaknesses to see a beautiful women in Jeleba, apparently I still have that lol They make women look more sexy, but yes Jelebas rocks!

      1. That too and maybe consider selling them online. They are stylish and got fans over the world. I’m one of them.
        In fact selling Moroccan products is trendy and hot lately. i.e Moroccan oil
        Another thing to consider, I’d like to know more about the logistics part of it. Anyway, yes they rock! lol

  2. Love it! They’re sooo comfy — jammies and casual shopping outfit all in one!!!

    Maybe you’ll start a trend…. 🙂

    Miss you!

    1. Kathy
      It’s like a dress that you put over top of your clothes and it covers you. They are so beautiful!! I could easily have a closet full. I admire them in the shop windows.

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