The rearview mirror

Sometimes we want to make life changes.  And after quite awhile thinking about it, getting more and more fed up with our current situation, weighing the pros and cons….we finally do it.  With a little help from friends.  And to the amazement of those who “could never do what you are doing”.

But then we make life changes and we realize that it not always be what we thought.

Things suddenly look better in the rearview mirror.

Standing on the rooftop terrace and screaming out, “what the hell have I done with my life?” for anyone to answer, seems like a great idea.

There are ups and downs.  All of a sudden we have to re-establish ourselves.  Put ourselves in somewhat uncomfortable situations.  Because perhaps we’ve made a wrong decision.

NO!  Don’t even think about it!

There is a reason you made the change in the first place.  Something that drove you so crazy you couldn’t take it anymore.

So, you just take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re fabulous. That you felt similar feelings when you were unhappily comfortable.  That turning back is not an option.  Because if you stick it out, you’ll not only find happiness, but a sense of accomplishment.  And even if no one else believes in your dreams, you’ll succeed.  Because you believe in yourself.

Then along the way, you’ll learn things, about yourself, others and society.

You’ll grow. Become stronger.  Suddenly the view in the rearview mirror starts to fade.

You may even inspire the people who “could never do what you are doing,” to make changes in their lives.

And when you get there, to the goal you wanted to achieve, the people who initially doubted you, will be speechless.  Actually, they’ll probably find some fault in what you’ve done, but who cares?  You’re fabulous!

And probably ready for your next adventure.

At least that’s how I feel!

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