Venturing into the unknown

I’ve been in desperate need of a hair cut for awhile now.  But trying out a new hair stylist can be scary.  Like dating.  It can either be great.  Or really bad.

Except there is typically nothing you can do about it.  You just fall victim to what I like to call false advertising.

False advertising?

Yes.  In the dating world, false advertising goes like this…

Girl meets boy.  He takes her out a few great dates.  Everything goes well.  He dresses to impress.  They are excited to see each other.   She “falls in love”.  After all, he gives the impression that he knows how to take care of a lady.  But then *bam* outta nowhere,  dude stops calling as often. Instead of wanting to go out on fun dates,  he’d rather stay home.  The attire no longer becomes dress to impress, but rather you may wonder, did you even bother to brush your hair before I stopped by?

Or, the “recent” photo posted online.  Ya, it was recent in 2001 when it was SCANNED onto the computer.

In the hair stylist world, it’s a bit easier to spot false advertising.  Trendy atmosphere.  Funky music.  Stylists’ hair cuts and style.  Coffee bar.  Typically a good indication of a decent salon.  Although that’s not to say I haven’t fall victim to false advertising before.

But my employer had a deal of the day for a certain salon so I thought I’d give it a try.

And I’m happy to announce that I’m pleased with the results.  There will definitely be a second date.  In a few months.

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