Yves and I

Well I must say, Yves Saint Laurent and I, we have lots in common.

No really, we do.

Back in the day he and his partner went on a Moroccan adventure.  He immediately fell in love with Marrakech, the country, and the people.

Sounds familiar!

In the words of Saint Laurent himself: “Marrakech was an amazing shock!”

He even stayed in a hotel here, but unlike me, his was super fancy.

And then, upon leaving, he decided that he needed to sell some stuff and returned and bought a house in the medina.  This also sounds familiar.  Well I’ve sold my stuff, but have yet to buy a house here.  Baby steps.

He too loved going to the Djeema Al-Fna, the large square in the middle of the medina, and visit the souks.  It’s a great place to see snake charmers, listen to story-tellers, and just hang out.

And the city inspired him to introduce colour into his collections.  Seeing pieces from his various collections, inspired by Morocco, makes me fall in love with another aspect of this country – the clothing.  The kaftans.  Jelebas. Shoes.

I’d love to show you photos from the Yves Saint Laurent and Morocco exhibit at Jardins Majorelle, but photography was not permitted.  I’d love even more to wear the pieces out for dinner, but I think that is prohibited as well.

Since I already love colour, and can’t stop buying amazing leather bags and shoes in the brightest and boldest colours, I would say this place introduced me to flavour.  Everything from the fanciest tajines to the simplest kafta sandwiches.  Msemen with apricot jam, olive oil and honey.  Every bite is scrumptious!

And his final house here at Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech – art deco.  My favourite style of architecture.

Oh Yves, if only you were still alive, I’d meet you for a coffee on a rooftop terrace overlooking one of our favourite spots!

P.S. Pierre Bergé, if you’re reading this, I’d have a coffee with you too.  En francais, bien sur!

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