The prehistoric era

Teleboutique in MarrakechI once read a blog written by a location scout in New York City about the disappearance of phone booths in the city.  I suppose as we become more reliant on our cellphones, the need for phone booths disappear.

However that’s not the case here in Marrakesh.  Au contraire.  Teleboutiques co-exist in a city where cellphones are largely present.

Yet I can’t help but find something romantic about the teleboutique.

Perhaps it speaks to an era when you could meet a friend without the interruption of a cellphone.  Or maybe that we over-communicate.  Because if we had to go to the teleboutique every time we wanted to say something, we’d be in contact less, but in more meaningful conversations.

Text messages would not exist, leaving less room for miscommunication between senders.  You’d possibly meet your friends more often in person rather than just messaging updates back and forth.

Although I supposed it may pose an identity problem. You know the type, the person who needs to check his/her phone while lunching with others.  Giving the message that you aren’t actually as important as the person that may be trying to contact.

Teleboutique in the medina


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